Nanette Thomas

CEO and owner


Nanette Thomas has 30 years of experience developing highly specialized plastic films for companies like Ikea, medical providers such as Coloplast, and packaging materials in general.

Nanette and her team have worked with brand owners, narrow web printers, and ink suppliers for over 15 years, to perfect the labels and packaging needed for each specific job.

Nanette has a master’s degree in marketing and business organizational behavior which she uses often working with brand owners to develop new ways of packaging.

Prior to establishing Synthogra, Nanette spent over 10 years in plastic development and manufacturing. Synthogra is an award-winning company in continuous growth, and specializes in packaging films and synthetic papers, even developing their own unique recipes.

Conference: Label Academy master class: flexible packaging
Session: Paper and board, metallic foil, films and multi-layer constructions
Time: Tuesday 12 September 2023, 10:40 - 11:05

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