05 September 2023

Xiamen Dangs New Materials presents Dawnsens brand materials

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Xiamen Dangs New-Materials Co., Ltd. (“DangSheng") is an innovative high-tech firm in China that specializes in R&D and production of flash-spinning nonwoven materials. Dangsheng has developed its own flash-spinning production equipments and owns fully independent intellectual property rights, assuring supply chain security, facilitating product upgrade anditeration.

Dawnsens® brand materials are specially designed for graphicscultural and creative products. They are light weight, robust, and waterresistant, making them very durable. Dawnsens®  branomaterial have smooth surface, good whiteness andopaque, making them adapt to mosttraditional printing process andmodern digital printing technology, realizing bright color ancfinepattern quality and exquisite printing. Dawnsens® can be processedby various methodssuch as folding, stitching and cutting etc., providing unlimited possibility for creative designs.

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