31 August 2023

Voyantic presents the Tagsurance® 3

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The Voyantic Tagsurance 3 is the next-generation quality assurance solution for high-Speed RFID tag and label production lines. Tagsurance 3 meets the requirements for the increasing RAIN RFID tag production volumes and the high demand for quality control in the RFID label production process. Tagsurance 3 gives full visibility into the RF performance of labels, not only checking if they are functional. It is the solution to assure that the production quality corresponds to the designed quality.
Tagsurance 3 is a complete system for measuring the performance of UHF and HF RFID inlays, tags, and labels in different stages of the production process, from chip attachment to label converting and incoming inspection. The system is designed to be easily installed into various machine types; small and large machines, high-speed machines, chip attachment machines, and converting machines. The system is modular and scales to various production volume needs from 1 to 8 lanes with 1-5 stations per lane, handling lane speeds up to 200 meters per minute.
Tagsurance 3 is the next-generation version of the time-tested, trusted, and accurate quality testing system Voyantic introduced to the industry. In the new system, the hardware, the software, and the technology stack have been upgraded and modernized.

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