30 June 2023

Uteco presents OnyxGo and SleeveBOT®

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Uteco is a leading manufacturer of printing and converting equipment, renowned for its innovative solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction. With a strong focus on research and development, Uteco continues to push the boundaries of the printing and packaging industry, delivering cutting-edge technologies to customers worldwide.
Uteco has launched OnyxGO, unveiled in October 2022, a concentrate of innovations, technology, and design functional to ergonomics and energy savings, making it to date the most compact 8/10-color center drum flexo machine on the market. 10 meters long by 5 meters wide for a total occupied area of 50m2, capable of reaching 400 meters per minute maximum speed, it features several automatisms aimed at maximum reduction of material waste.
Uteco Converting also launched the revolutionary SleeveBOT®, the new anthropomorphic robotic arm for changing - fully automatic - sleeves during the setup of a new print job.
Its main features are: high productivity, thanks to the possibility of performing a complete sleeve change in less than 10 minutes; strong flexibility, thanks to the possibility of using a single Uteco-patented gripper for all sleeve formats; safety and robustness given by extreme precision in operations and repeatability of the process, keeping the work environment safe for operators.

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