05 September 2023

Troika Systems shows AniCAM HD and SurfaceCAM 3D

Click on image to download high resolution version

Used among multiple industries, UK based, Troika Systems, has, for the past 26 years, led the way in the development and manufacture of 3D Scanning microscopes.
For today’s environmentally friendly printers, our award winning AniCAM HD and SurfaceCAM 3D scanning microscopes work alongside your process control team, allowing them to accurately measure anilox and gravure cylinder volumes, as well as flexographic plate dot measurement, and by recording the data into our inventory management software,
enables you, to improve your internal processes and first-time make-ready.
Through controlled quality control management, a typical 15% saving in make ready waste, as well as a 55% reduction of ink waste is easily achievable.
And by reducing ink changeover time and achieving improved repeat job matching will not only increase your efficiency but will help reduce your environment impact but will help you
increase your sustainability.
Every device is produced under strict ISO Quality Specifications and we pride ourselves on having a world class after sales support and Technical Service department.
Will the cost of investing really outweigh the cost of doing nothing? You decide…

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