Traceability - a business opportunity for label converters

Seminar time: Everyday 10.00-10.30 Location: 11C17 (the Automation Arena)


Digital Product Passport and cloud-based product traceability is coming. With the initial deadlines looming in 2024, most brands and converters are not prepared. This seminar has been created to provide you with an understanding of the requirements and to give you a competitive advantage in providing global product traceability to brands as a service.
Global Product Traceability is a business growth opportunity for label converters. By expanding the range of services provided to brands into digital twin-ready, traceable labels and packaging, label converters can position themselves as expert support for brands, growing their businesses by filling the need gap created by the incoming legislation. Learn about the key competencies required to start this journey, including what questions to ask about cloud-based traceability, RFID encoding, automated production systems, and the total quality of production output certification.
  • Dr. Vlad Sljapic, Group Chief Commercial Officer, Graphimecc Group S.r.l
  • Kamila Kocia, Market Development Manager @ Avery Dennison, Digital Solutions
  • Global Traceability – why is it important
  • Business opportunity for Label Converters
Cloud traceability and product lifecycle
  • Why do brands care? (push/pull)
  • Needs and requirements (partly legislation)
  • How to sell the benefits to brand owners
Making Labels for Traceability
  • What do the integrated systems look like?
  • Certification vs inspection
  • Guide to good application - what to consider?

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