04 July 2023

Tootech to introduce the TTE-72FK laser label printer

Click on image to download high resolution version

Tootech showcases the TTE-72FK laser label printer and their patented laser labels LSG01, LSG02, LSG04 and LSG05. Unlike other laser technology, the TTE-72FK has its own technology to penetrate the surface layer of the label and print on the middle layer.
Our flagship product the TTE-72FK has powerful laser printing technology, which can print up to 2000dpi using vector printing technology. Also the laser source has a lifetime of 100,000 hours and can replace consumables such as ribbons and thermal heads and does not generate waste.
The TTE-72FK is also uses a simple USB format which can easily connect to user’s PC. The printer can easily be installed by the LM driver provided. It is also compatible with Window drivers based programs and the Bartender program from Seagull Scientific.
TTE-72FK uses Scanner Path Algorithm technology. When printing, the scanner calculates the shortest path of moving which makes the printing speed faster and more precise.
In addition TTE-72FK is equipped with fly marking function: Fly marking is a technology where the laser follows the moving product and print at the same time. By using the LM driver, our laser label printers can implement this technology

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