14 June 2019

Todaytec to showcase thermal transfer resin ribbon

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Todaytec will be showcasing its high-performance thermal transfer resin ribbon TDR325 at Labelexpo Europe 2019.

TDR325 offers ultra-high substrate versatility, matte carbon coating and blue back coating. While boasting excellent resistance to smear and scratch (in all the 1KG weight scratch-resistance tests, the number of scratches on Avery pet reaching over a thousand times), it is also characterized by high resistance to alcohol and gasoline (in the 1KG weight alcohol and gasoline resistance tests, the number of scratches on Avery matte silver pet reaching over 100 times). Its high performance enables it to perform excellently in applications in different industries.

Adopting stable superior raw materials, TDR325 ensures a uniform and stable coating on the ribbon surface, preventing toner from coming off. The anti-static back coating protects the print head effectively. In the heat resistance test, after being put before a blast dryer under 50℃ for 5 days, the printing sensitivity, the writing clarity of bar code printer, and the resistance to alcohol and gasoline are almost the same as the printing quality under the normal temperature.

The resin-based polar molecules don’t have any sign of slight decay until eight months later in the aging experiment under normal temperature. Only tiny white spots can be seen in black patches with an optical microscope.