22 August 2023

Teknek introduces the Tek-NW3 web cleaner

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Meet the “Tek-NW3”, Teknek’s new and best-ever web cleaner. Designed for operators looking to achieve highly profitable, defect-free production in even the most challenging print applications, the Tek-NW3 combines industry leading performance with lowest maintenance requirements and significantly improved environmental credentials.

The world’s first web cleaning machine made using the OECDs Sustainable Manufacturing Framework, the Tek-NW3 is designed to perform, engineered for flexibility and easy customisation and is built to last. With sustainability principles at its core, the Tek-NW3 is made from 70% aluminium, the world’s most recyclable material and delivers unrivalled Teknek cleaning performance in a fully integrated, robust and reliable contamination removal solution that is good for people and the planet.

Easier to operate and maintain than its predecessor, the Tek-NW3 incorporates the new and patented “Cleaning Roller Guard”, a simple but intelligent design feature that prevents the machine from running without adhesive, preventing accidental damage to the cleaning rollers and safeguarding cleaning performance. As a result, the Tek-NW3 not only protects the materials it cleans, protects the line and safeguards against costly overruns and material wastage but also helps to prolong its own service life.

Defect-Free Production. Solved

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