15 August 2023

SisTrade showcases its latest software version V.12.13

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SISTRADE showcases its latest software version V.12.13 that highlight the Label Technical Data Sheet (TDS) as the main data repository, which in combination with Graphical Process Management and Digital Job Order contain all the technical data necessary for a smart production and full data traceability.
Graphical Process Management gives possibility for the users to control in real-time the status of all the different graphical processes of the products and also confirm if the customer approves all the information, design files and samples.
TDS stores all the information related to a specific product estimate that was previously approved through the workflow. In case of Sistrade TDS, it is important to emphasize that all the data can be automatically imported into the TDS from estimates or digital Job Order.
TDS take into account every single technical detail relevant for an efficient product lifecycle. Besides such detailed information as for example rewinding direction, die cutter application, additional materials and other. TDS allow generating tools that are used in the production process such as aniloxes, die-cutters, plates and what is more, it allows knowing the tool location.
A well-defined TDS with all the technical details translates into a well prepared and fully integrated production process where the final product traceability is complete, involving all the stages of its conception and production. Come and visit our stand nº 6C41.

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