20 July 2023

Sirpi showcases the Black Mat UV and a full range of UV Varnish

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Sirpi is an Italian screen inks manufacturer from more than 50 years.
During all these years we developed a full range of product for the label industry focus our efforts on UV Screen inks and UV Varnish for special effects.
We will show our deep Black Mat UV  for Wine Label production and a full range of UV Varnish ideal for protection and decoration of labels.
We have also Screen and Flexo varnishes suitable for overprinting digital labels that can accept hot stamping.
Full range of inks for flat and rotary screen and many other special inks and varnish developed under customer request.
We are a flexible and customer oriented company so we are here to hear your requirements and try to fulfil all request.
Label printers can find in our company a perfect partner with deep technical knowledge and a complete range of products.

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