05 September 2023

Siemens presents Digital Enterprise portfolio

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Accelerate transformation in printing industry with scalable solutions from Siemens

Printed products are as varied as the printing machines used to produce them. Years of experience, in-depth industry knowledge and flexible product components make us a reliable partner. Intelligent system solutions can build a sustainable future for your business. With our Digital Enterprise portfolio combined with flexible standard applications, you will be able to efficiently roll out products that are ever-more customized – you will achieve perfect results faster.

Digitalization is based on the connection between the real and virtual worlds. Take advantage of the digital twin of the machine to simulate your printing machine’s behavior and identify potential optimizations in the design phase. Using the digital twin, you can also perform commissioning in a virtual environment. Multiphysics simulation opens a whole new world of process simulation. Parameters that could never before be visualized can now be integrated into a new solution area so that your production machines can meet even higher quality standards.

The digital transformation also means that the amount of data from printing machines is growing. Take advantage of this data to optimize your processes, make optimal use of equipment, and improve your maintenance scheduling. Our Industrial Edge provides you with a solution from a single source that’s tailored to your customers’ requirements.

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