05 September 2023

Seal King presents high quality security products

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Seal King presents a broad gamma of high quality security products. Secure all of your valuables with our premium tamper evident labels and security tapes. Giving you and your customer peace of mind. With our production plant in Taiwan and our European portal in the Netherlands our security tapes and tamper evident labels are represented worldwide.
Our tamper evident label materials are available in 3 transfers; Non transfer, Total transfer and Partial transfer. All transfer types are available in different colours. We can deliver die-cut labels but also base material to label converters. The standard VOID message on our OPEN VOID but this can also be customized to your demands. 
Tamper evident tape is nothing like a regular packaging tape. It can close a box but also acts as an anti-theft and counterfeit measure. When opened the security tape will delaminate leaving behind an irreversible and highly visible VOID message. Ideal for securely packing and sealing goods for shipment and storage. Security tape can be used on carton, paper and even on pallets wrapped with stretch film. Available in lengths from 50m to 500m. Customise your security tape when a next level of security is needed!

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