30 June 2023

SCREEN introduces Truepress L350UV SAI Label Digital Printing Press

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SCREEN and Nilpeter will present an Innovative Printing Press offering a cutting-edge solution for the digital hybrid printing segment. The collaboration showcases a third generation press that combines SCREEN's SAI inkjet digital printing technology with Nilpeter's FA-Line flexo platform, delivering stable and high-quality combination printing. This end-to-end solution enables efficient production of value-added labels with expanded gamut printing and white imprinting capabilities.
Additionally, SCREEN introduces an In-Line Digital Primer prototype for the Truepress L350UV SAI Label Digital Printing Press. This unique feature addresses the challenge of poor ink adhesion on various substrates by incorporating a digital primer directly into the press. This innovative solution could deliver superior ink adhesion and better printing quality. Visitors at LabelExpo2023 can witness this technology first-hand and experience its transformative impact on label printing.
Finally, SCREEN will also showcase the Truepress PAC520P Inkjet Digital Printing Press for paper packaging, responding to the growing trend of replacing plastic packaging with environmentally friendly paper alternatives. This high-speed, water-based inkjet press offers label converters seamless entry into the profitable flexible packaging market. With its compact footprint, low environmental impact, and compliance with food-safety regulations, the Truepress PAC520P provides a competitive edge and increased profitability

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