24 August 2023

Sandon Global presents its innovative anilox engravings

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Sandon Global showcases its innovative anilox engravings that help narrow web printers to boost print performance and increase anilox ROI. Products include FLUID HEX, FLUID UV, HOW (High Opacity White) and its patented GMX ANILOX®, all designed to overcome common narrow web print issues and technical challenges such as ‘ink spitting’ or coatings with large particle deposits. 
Converters can discuss common flexo printing challenges and learn more about the unique solutions that provide precision, quality and product consistency for superior print repeatability order after order, and anilox longevity.
Narrow web printers are invited to learn more about recent investments in Sandon Global’s facilities, equipment and technology. A brand-new UK site houses its world-leading metallurgical laboratory, new plasma coating booths, next-generation laser engraving technologies plus a demo print centre for R&D and customer trials. The coating booths use proprietary thermal spray technology to produce anilox coatings with increased hardness and lower porosity ratings enabling printers to achieve premium quality print performance, reduce waste and minimise costs with longer lasting anilox. Additional investment in a new German office means easier trading with the UK and competitive lead-times supported by regional commercial and technical expertise. 

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