15 August 2023

Rotometal unveils the MCA magnetic cylinder

Click on image to download high resolution version

Rotometal introduces a new type of magnetic cylinder: MCA at Labelexpo Europe 2023. It is a new product family that provides all the features of the standard MCs currently available, while optimizing cylinder weight and shipping costs.
The aluminium alloy used in MCA cylinders is used in the aviation and space industries, ensuring low weight with very high strength and high hardness.
We recommend making cylinders in the new technology for cylinders over 120T, which ensures a weight reduction of nearly 50%, facilitating assembly, disassembly, use of the cylinder and its storage.
The new technology retains all the most important parameters of the standard technology:
  • corrosion-resistant body
  • magnetic force maintained throughout the product life cycle
  • hardened raceways with a hardness above 60HRC
  • possibility of cylinder regeneration
  • easier assembly of flexible die thanks to the mounting line
  • possibility of making additional pins for additional protection against displacement
  • axial runout precision -0.0004”, cylinder gap 0.0001”
  • fast delivery time


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