18 July 2023

Renova showcases customer-oriented products for the web processing industry

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Renova srl is an Italian company with the mission to create innovative, high-quality and customer-oriented products for the web processing industry that increase ergonomics, productivity and safety levels while reducing maintenance costs. 
Materials in roll, such as paper, film and foil, vary significantly in size and weight, therefore needing application flexibility that finds an answer in the wide product range designed by Renova. 
Brakes and clutches are designed for the unwinding and rewinding of rolls of any size and material. 
Pneumatic brakes and magnetic powder brakes fit any application and maintain the high sensibility and torque ratio necessary to obtain an accurate web tension control both in the tensioning phase and in emergency stop situations. They guarantee precision controlling of the braking torque independently of the speed through the whole converting process.
Core chucks, safety chucks and expanding shafts deliver the most reliable web tension, thanks to their high grip, with minimum maintenance requirements.
Load cells and web tension control systems are used in combination with rollers to precisely detect the web tension. 
All products are 100% designed and assembled on site in Renova’s Italian headquarter, thus confirming the “Made in Italy” label as authentic quality certification. 

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