16 July 2019

Odesyo to launch patented Smiijet® in-line color controller

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At Labelexpo Europe 2019, Odesyo will unveils its patented Smijet® in-line color controller, a true concentrate of the newest printing control technologies.

To significantly reduce the printing waste, this in-line color quality controller is a major leap forward as compared to the limited performances of traditional systems (sampling or RGB cameras). Fitted with an AI and a patented wide-spectrum sensor, Smijet® carefully checks 100% of the printed surface, instantly tracking the consistency of color reproduction and the print faults, whatever the substrate. It operates in-line and at production speeds.

Smijet® True Color technical specifications:

• Fittted with a touchscreen user-friendly interface, Smijet® is a standalone compact wide-spectrum sensing head with embedded Artificial Intelligence (IA).

• Size in cm: L39 x H24.5 x W12


• Smijet® makes continuous in-line color measurements within L*a*b* color space and detects any variation in color shades on 100% of the surface. Production can be stopped and the error corrected on the spot. The printing waste is drastically reduced.

• Smijet® instantly points out undetected missing or deviated jets.

• Its «Human Eye» AI-based technology perfectly models the human visual perception, thus avoiding to discard printouts carrying faults undetectable by the human eye. This cuts the hidden costs due to over-quality.