Tom Kerchiss

Managing Director

RK PrintCoat Instruments

Tom Kerchiss is the Managing Director of sample preparation system and print/coat/laminating technology specialist RK PrintCoat Instruments Ltd. The company, which won an Innovator in Pre-Press Award for the Flexiproof, supplies printing ink manufacturers, both large and small, as well as printers, converters and other businesses with color communication devices for all of the major print disciplines. The company, a family run business has a long history of involvement with the graphic arts and ink manufacturing industries. Tom’s grandfather was an agent for a German ink company in Russia, but the family fled to Berlin during the Russian revolution. With the coming of the Second World War they moved to England where Tom’s father began work with an ink company, developing inks that would work with a revolutionary new material – polyethylene. A company, RK Chemicals was set up in 1962, eventually renamed to reflect the core business – printing and coating. Today, RK PrintCoat Instruments systems and equipment are exported all over the world.
Conference: Inks, Coatings and Varnishes Workshop
Session: In-house testing of inks for on-press and end-use performance
Time: Wednesday 27 September 2017, 12:05

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