15 August 2023

Nikka Research presents products and technologies for optical inspection

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The inspection specialist from Stuttgart, Germany will present products and technologies for optical inspection on printing presses and rewinders. The Alis cameras cover web widths from 250 to 880 mm and are offered in three lines: M entry level, L modular and H high resolution inspection.  All models are suitable for new or existing equipment and can be linked in workflows.
Along with 100% print quality inspection, Nikka Research offers a range of apps, augmenting the functions of the camera and extending its use into variable data printing, inline color and dimension measurement, data collection and process automation. In combination with our hyperspectral and multiplex hardware, the apps make it possible to solve multiple inspection tasks with one camera.
For the first time, Nikka Research will demonstrate a quick job change technology for 100% inspection of short production runs. This PDF driven process enables automatic setup and inspection from the first copy in digital printing and converting lines.
Nikka Research products and technologies will be demonstrated live on stations with moving webs, configured for the most common applications – printing press, rewinder and offline. Additional workstations will be available for explanations and in-depth demonstration of technologies.

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