10 June 2019

Nexqo to showcase latest RFID products

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RFID label manufacturers Nexqo will be showcasing its RFID products at Labelexpo Europe 2019.

This includes not only finished RFID labels, but also customized inlays for making RFID labels. RFID inlay is combined with chip and antenna which contains memory to record data. Most of the RFID chips can be read and written over 100,000 times. The RFID reader can detect many anti-collision tags at one time to improve efficiency.

In addition, every RFID chip has a unchangeable UID. These characteristics means that RFID inlay performs well in identification as well as anti-counterfeiting, making it well suited for use in identification, public transportation, and inventory management.

Nexqo also provide customized services for shape, size and reading distance, to ensure easier data collecting, higher accuracy and longer reading distance.