Your Transport Code - FREE travel around Brussels!

Brussels Expo is kindly providing free transport for visitors and exhibitors on the metro, tram and bus system during the open days of the show.

Every attendee who registers for Labelexpo Europe 2023 will be sent a free transport code after 21 August.

In Brussels, you can collect your travel "Event Pass" up to 3 days in advance from one of 315 ticket vending machines located in the stations or at the main STIB-MIVB tram and bus stops. The list of ticket vending machines can be found on The step-by-step instructions you’ll find below will show you how to collect your travel "Event Pass".

Simply select "Event Pass" and enter your 9-digit unique code (This will be sent to you after 21 August 2023). Once you confirm this, your pass will be printed. This will be valid from 11-14 September.

Remember to validate your pass each time you travel! Travelling on the network without a validated pass is deemed an offence.

A transport code/voucher number can only be used once. As soon as you’ve retrieved your "Event Pass", the code/voucher number will be deactivated.




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