30 June 2023

Maxcess showcases new innovations

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Maxcess, a leader in end-to-end automated and sustainable web handling solutions, will showcase new innovations at Labelexpo Europe 2023. RotoMetrics, Fife, Tidland, Maxcess Vision Systems and Componex offer precise, sustainable, and productive solutions to work better, faster and smarter.
New products for Tag & Labe applications include:
RotoMetrics NEW Flexible Die portfolio makes it easy to find the right die for your specific application for better press performance no matter the liner. 
RotoMetrics RotoScan Intelligent Die Station provides accurate control for variability while giving you Industry 4.0 analytics to run smarter. 
Tidland’s RD AutoScore is a game-changing scoring system delivering exceptional efficiency and fully automated lateral and depth control reducing setup time while increasing operator safety. 
FIFE-500 MAX web guide sets the new standard in accuracy and reliability while minimizing waste with state-of-the-art networking capabilities.
Maxcess Vision Systems for Tag and Label applications utilizes cutting-edge technology to detect defects, like color variations, misprints, plate issues, while enhancing overall product quality and reducing waste, saving both time and resources.

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