22 August 2023

Matho introduces the CB-100 Innovative All-in-One Cutting and Extraction System

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The CB-100 is an advanced mobile cutting and extraction system designed specifically for non-adhesive or self-adhesive edge trims, die-cut pieces, and matrix waste generated from production lines. This compact and robust system offers unparalleled versatility, allowing for easy movement between different machines, optimizing efficiency across the production floor.
One of the standout features of the CB-100 is its integrated material separation system, which enables efficient recycling processes. Users have the option to choose from various collection options, including PE-Bag, Octabine, Roll container/bin, Screw compactor, and others, ensuring flexibility and convenience in waste disposal.
Matho's CB-100 offers a range of benefits to businesses in the labeling industry. Firstly, it provides a cost-effective cutting and extraction solution, helping companies reduce operational costs and enhance profitability. With its high availability and uptime, the CB-100 ensures uninterrupted workflow, maximizing productivity.
Moreover, the CB-100 incorporates an integrated cutting module, effectively reducing waste volume generated during production. The system's energy-efficient radial ventilator minimizes energy consumption, contributing to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Additionally, businesses will benefit from low maintenance costs, making the CB-100 a reliable and cost-efficient long-term investment.
The CB-100's cutting-edge design enables efficient extraction of cut materials through the radial ventilator, eliminating the need for manual handling. Furthermore, its mobile and moveable nature ensures flexibility in adapting to changing production setups.
Lastly, the CB-100 prioritizes a comfortable working environment, thanks to modern pipe silencers that significantly reduce noise emission, fostering a healthier and more pleasant workplace for employees.
Matho invites all attendees of Labelexpo to visit their booth C72 in Hall 4 to experience the CB-100 firsthand and learn more about its features and advantages. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your waste management processes with Matho's cutting-edge solutions.

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