25 August 2023

MAIC Europe presents customized hot melt adhesives solutions

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At Labelexpo Europe 2023, MAIC Europe will present customized hot melt adhesives solutions for every industry using the latest ideas and technologies. This year, the company's focus has been on adhesives for linerless label applications.

Linerless Adhesives

MAIC®Bond B2125J is the company's new linerless hot melt PSA based on novel acrylic block copolymer technology which does not require additional UV curing or drying (non-cross-linkable). It boasts excellent cuttability and low viscosity, making it ideal for linerless label applications.


MAIC Europe dedication to sustainability in these times of ever-changing climate, waste, and pollution leads to creating bespoke formulations to tackle these issues. MAIC®Seal recloseable adhesives for wet wipe and food packaging applications extend the longevity of the products and improve the consumer experience through smooth, quiet peels, with long-lasting tack. MAIC®Bio is a new range of hot melt adhesives sourced from ≥73 % renewable raw materials.


MAIC Europe's durable label range caters to many different sectors; non-woven laminate construction applications, showing excellent water resistance, ≥8 weeks full submersion, with no loss of adhesion; caustic- and hot-wash resistance, ideal for temperature resistant label stock; high temperature resistance with superior bonding strength and SAFT for the automotive industry.



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