16 January 2024

Labelexpo Europe 2023 – ancillary products

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Efficiency, energy savings and safety were key themes in the products presented at the 2023 edition of Labelexpo Europe.
Many of the products from the below exhibitors were also featured in live demonstrations on presses and finishing machines throughout the expo halls.
Acme RollTech showed samples of its ACE (Advanced Channel Engraving) technology, ATAC (Acme Tactile) anilox rolls for embellishment and screen‐type raised effects and AHDW (Acme High‐Density White) for opaque white printing for solids and text.
Agergaard Graphic Supplies showcased their high‐performance coatSeal Flexi 3D end seal series made to withstand abrasive and viscous UV inks. Also shown were its low‐wear steel and plastic doctor blades (steelBlade and polyBlade) designed for high‐quality label and packaging printing. Agergaard and their sister company AkeBoose were part of the inaugural Flex Pack Trail.
Alphasonics demonstrated their Plaeto automatic plate loading system that automatically feeds up to 30 plates directly into the PCX unit. The company also showed a new proofing roll cleaning system and an array of anilox cleaning systems.
Applied Laser Engineering introduced its Twin Track cell engraving technology enabling users to achieve high anilox cell volumes with a low depth of engraving.
Apex International showcased its patented GTT engraving technology.
The open slalom ink channel geometry offered by GTT allows an exact ink volume to flow smoothly onto the printing plate for precision.
Apex also launched its embossing technology for textures and raised effects and showed its latest offering in anilox technology, Conical Anilox, for high print quality and optimal ink transfer, even on challenging substrates such as paper cups.
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