12 June 2023

Karlville Swiss presents KS-SUP-400 pouch machine

Click on image to download high resolution version

Karlville Swiss will display as part of the Digital Pouch Factory, inside HP Indigo booth, the latest generation of the best-selling compact KS-SUP-400 pouch machine.

The machine has the fastest set up in the industry, with very start-up scraps, very high production speed, resulting in the best pouch machine fit for both very minimum pouch quantity and long run production orders. 

During the show, it will showcase for the first time live, the possibility to manufacture short run custom shaped pouches with an innovative toolless system.

Karlville Swiss wants to redraw once again the perimeters of sustainability in the pouch production process, with a cutting-edge machine in terms of low operating costs and consumption, limited footprint and low material dispersion. Therefore, finally capable of being a sustainable machine for sustainable pouches.


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