29 July 2019

JD PRESS to showcase new flexo printer

Click on image to download high resolution version

JD PRESS will showcase its recently launched JDF 420/330 series flexo printing machine. As the first flexo printing machine of JD PRESS, the JDF 420/330 series can print on paper as well as film, self-adhesive material and other materials.

Features include:

  • The shaftless flexo printing unit. This unit uses the high-precision servo control technology. Thanks to this technology, the printing repeat length has no restriction of the gear and the gear ratio.  Noise caused by the gear transmission can be eliminated.
  • Lightweight flexo sleeves. Thanks to the lightweight materials of flexo sleeves, it makes the installation and disassembly simple and convenient. The high-precision and stability of the sleeves decrease the vibration in the printing processes; therefore, the maintenance costs can be reduced.
  • Compact design of paper path. This has been specially designed to minimize the waste by adjusting the machine.
  • Pre-registration system and intelligent overprinting system. This system enables faster changeover time. The printing process need no manual adjustment to ensure the best overprint effects.
  • Flexible combined in-line technologies. Cold foil stamping, lamination, de-lam /re-lam printing and turner bar can be used for different product requirements.
  • Combination of UV drying, infrared drying and hot air drying. Through the combination the printing can use water-based and UV ink.