13 July 2023

International Graphic Films Europe NV showcases their line of self-wound, self-adhesive over-laminate films

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International Graphic Films Europe NV is Europe’s largest supplier of self-wound self-adhesive over-laminate films for roll label industry. Since 2000, IGF supplies self-adhesive self-wound over-laminating films to the leading manufacturers of roll labels across Europe with an offer of polypropylene and polyester over-laminates on rolls which are custom slit according to customer demands. 
Fast service and thorough order follow-up are additional assets next to our extensive range of high quality products. Centrally located in Europe, fully equipped with modern equipment, infrastructure and multilingual staff, IGF EUROPE is fully committed to offer the best customer experience in its field.
Depending on the final application, Polyester or Polypropylene gloss clear & matt clear over-laminate variant are supplied in different adhesive coat weights and thicknesses in order to achieve best results.

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