25 August 2023

Ibeslab presents the most complete range of sleeve adhesives

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Ibeslab presents at Labelexpo Europe 2023, the most complete range of sleeve adhesives for the formation of shrink sleeve in different films that are manufactured to produce labels such as PET, PVC, OPS, PLA, and others.

For PET-R sealing, Ibeslab have created different formulations, taking into consideration the film thickness and its physical resistance. These new adhesives are designed to reduce the environmental and occupational safety impact in the work environment, providing an improvement in sustainability.

Ibeslab adhesive sleeve incorporates an optical marker to facilitate inspection of the welding line at high production speeds under a special UV light and Ibeslab sealing solutions work with all sleeves manufacturing machines on the market. As a result, Ibeslab can modify the adhesive evaporation rate with different additives to achieve the correct seal at any machine speed.

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