30 June 2023

H.B. Fuller introduces Swift®tak PS 8405

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H.B. Fuller is introducing Swift®tak PS 8405: the ultimate water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) with non-water whitening properties. Designed for those seeking a premium PET label with a no-label look, this water-based PSA offers remarkable benefits. Swift®tak PS 8405 boasts a high resistance to water whitening to help your labels maintain their appearance, even in challenging environments. This adhesive delivers superior performance with excellent clarity and optimized peel, tack, and aging properties. Ideal for applications where aesthetics matter, Swift®tak PS 8405 offers a blend of functionality and ‘no look’ transparency. Trust this adhesive to give your labels durability, clarity, and the finish they deserve.
The company will also promote ultra-removable and highly repositionable Gel-Tac™ products based on water-based acrylic, pressure-sensitive microsphere technology. Offering ready-to-go formulations and customization capabilities tailored to meet the unique requirements of the customer’s application. Imagine labels that can be effortlessly removed without leaving visible residue, markings, or damage. Photo albums, consumer advertising, masking tapes, wall or window decals, graphics, wallpapers, liner-less labels and tape constructions that can be easily repositioned or replaced. With our Gel-Tac™ microsphere adhesives, you can unlock new possibilities for creativity and functionality.  Trust H.B. Fuller to redefine adhesive technology for your ever-evolving world. 

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