12 June 2023

Hangzhou CRON Machinery & Electronics showcases CRON HDI-920

Click on image to download high resolution version

HDI-920 is a classic model for medium-sized flexible printing. Whether labels, hangers, soft bags, paper cups, folded paper boxes or books, the HDI-920 can be easily managed and the format is moderate. It has perfect dot reproduction for various brands and models of polyester-based letterpress plates, heat-sensitive offset printing plates, digital flexo printing plates, ablative film, and metal-based letterpress plates, maximizing production flexibility for customers.

HDI-920 high-definition digital flexographic imaging machine is equipped with CRON's advanced SMFO laser optical system. With accurate and stable imaging, plate-making precision of up to 9600dpi and multi-precision combination, the HDI-920 can match the plate-making needs of various businesses of enterprises and is the unique choice across label printing and medium-scale packaging printing.

In terms of operation convenience, the HDI-920 is equipped with a fully automatic double-plate clamping system as standard, which can automatically adjust the position according to the size of the plate, with precise positioning and a high degree of automation. It does not need to stick tape and precisely fixes the end of the plate, which greatly improves the safety and efficiency of plate making.

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