17 June 2019

Gutenberg to launch international version of its ERP software

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Gutenberg (stand 11F25) will be launching the international (English) version of Gutenberg ERP software at Labelexpo Europe 2019.

This a new generation of Management Information System (MIS) for the label industry. It is web based, accessible from any device (Mac, PC, Linux, Android, iOS) and developed with the same technology used by big internet companies.

Automatic quotations, production control, inventory control, industry 4.0 connected machines are the pillars on which this powerful software has been designed. Quality control (paper quality control sheets can become digital) and inventory control (EPSMA-codes are stored for a detailed traceability of rolls) are among its features. Quotations are lightning fast and accurate.
Gutenberg ERP is designed for change and customization, which can be made by registered users without editing source code, (i.e. mandatory custom fields for your products, rules for excluding work process in some conditions).
Gutenberg ERP is available in two versions: 
- SaaS (Software as a Service) data and application in the cloud, no worries for server hardware location and maintenance.
- Standard License install on the company server, data and application located on the company server room.