29 June 2023

Grafotronic introduces 8 new machines

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Grafotronic is bringing 10 machines to Labelexpo Europe 2023 – 8 out of ten are completely new technology. A few highlights: The REVOLVER – a new fully automatic turret, NEW modules for full in register lamination, crossover and printing on the glue side and the flagship DCL2 in 5 different configurations. 
Grafotronic demonstrates automation on a new level: 5 Grafotronic machines equipped with the revolutionary AI-based computer vision system – Grafotronic IQ – change jobs autonomously, handling all job settings automatically. 
IQ will provide instant automation – handling all the operators normal tasks during job changes!
In the Automation Arena, Grafotronic is the exclusive finishing partner. Together with AVT, Xeikon, ESKO and CERM, Grafotronic will show how incredibly far the processes can be automated – showing an IQ equipped DCL 100% integrated in a fully automated end-to-end workflow. 
Also on display will be the new HAPTIC series, with two new screen modules, a new hot stamping solution and the latest digital embellishment system powered by Kurz. On top of that, Grafotronic will show its SCI-FI laser for the digital converting of printed labels and stickers. 
Grafotronic will also present BOON-TECH efficiency enhancing auxiliary machines: slitter/rewinder, fan-folding equipment, core cutter and label cutter.

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