19 August 2019

Grafisk Maskinfabrik showcase latest advances

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Grafisk Maskinfabrik will showcase their newest advances in automated label finishing and high value label applications including multi-layer and hot foil / screen embellished labels.

The 2019 models feature quicker setup time with plate loading for the die-cutting station, better ergonomic design for machine operation and online support. Displayed models include:

•    DC350 – the new GM premium finishing line with a new series of Smart modules:  Smart Turret (auto slit), Smart Loading of dies and new Smart Stripping module (contact stripping).

•    330FB – the new GM premium wine label line, Hot Foil / Embossing / Screen, with a new faster hot foil stamping unit supporting up to 40m/min.

•    DC330MINI - all in one compact finishing. Visitors can see it in-line with inkjet press and offline.

•    DC330MINIflex V4 – equipped with the GM Automatic Slitting Station that sets the knives in seconds, and a new compact buffer unit for in-line operation with a digital press.

•    SR350 - the new GM high-speed slitter-rewinder with inspection. It features the newest in servo motion technology and a unique option for auto-set knives. The SR350 is equipped with the advanced Nikka M1 label inspection system option. The machine stops precisely within 10cm if any error is detected. Operation is up to 300m/min.

•    DC330 Modular finishing line, which will be demonstrated in-line with a high speed inkjet label press.

•    GM Online Production Dashboard – this provides online operator statistics and ultra-fast job recall for efficient label production. It comes with advanced IoT connectivity.

•    ETV330 - Roll to sheet guillotine cutter suitable for cutting labels and heavy materials, available for in-line and off-line operation. It comes with built-in register control, and a touch screen that allows for easy handling operates the sheeter.

•    PNT160 - Semi-automatic core cutter, which provides high precision feeding and cutting of cardboard cores of optional length and sizes at high speeds.