13 July 2023

GIC presents the TAGINNOV LINE

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GIC, a brand-new line dedicated to RFID, the TAGINNOV line! Airline baggage tags, clothing labels, tracking tags, logistics labels, pharmaceutical labels, tickets for events or transport, skiing lift tickets, packaging or many other RFID solutions, all is possible for the TAGINNOV LINE.
This new line consists of 3 different equipment for the full production of RFID tags. 
The Taginnov Converting Line, for the integration of wet or dry RFID tags in adhesive or cardboard substrates.
The PLC/250 Control Platform for VHF/HF and NFC RFID tags control. This solution guarantees your customers 100 % controlled RFID label rolls where defective tags are “killed”.
The Speed Etiq SE/250 for the insertion of wet RFID label into a die-cut label.
GIC, the key partner for your development!

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