09 August 2017

HP Indigo showcases latest digital solutions for labels and flexible packaging

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HP Indigo (stand patio area) is set to introduce its new GEM technology, allowing the application of digital embellishments in one pass. The fully commercialized Pack Ready Lamination ecosystem is also demonstrated, allowing the production of flexible packaging with zero cure-time. Pack Ready coating enables the production of retort pouches.

On the print side, the company shows the HP Indigo 8000 digital press, the company’s most productive narrow-web press and the mid-web HP Indigo 20000 digital press, which opens new opportunities for flexible packaging, along with the latest in the HP Indigo WS6000 series.

The company showcases the latest version of PrintOS, a cloud-based conglomerate of apps designed to aid PSPs and converters optimize production and reduce costs, and introduces Esko AE, a new DFE integrated with the Cerm MIS.

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