Federico D'Annunzio

Founder and CEO


Federico D'Annunzio has been a passionate advocate of the digitization of the conventional label printing process. He joined the label industry at a time when two to three hours were required to change jobs and the operator was the master of quality. Today, with a combination of innovations which d’Annunzio has led, a complete job changeover takes around one minute. Quality control is fully digitalized with a closed-loop system monitoring pressure, register and color, all independent of the operator’s skill set.

An active member of FINAT for several years, he helped focus the association on new ideas and attracting new members. He led the setting up of REVO, a team of leading industry players co-operating to promote and optimize extended color gamut printing in the flexo label industry, allowing spot colors to be printed using a fixed seven-color ink system without changing inks between jobs. He was also instrumental in establishing the UVFoodSafe group, where key industry players worked together to promote the best practice in the use of UV inks in indirect food contact labels and flexible packaging applications.

After the acquisition of Gidue, Federico took on a senior technology innovation role at BOBST.

Federico is founder and CEO of Traent.com. 


Conference: Label Academy master class: sustainable labels and packaging
Session: Using blockchain for recording and reporting sustainability benefits
Time: Wednesday 13 September 2023, 10:40 - 11:05

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