10 July 2023

DNP presents the V390

Click on image to download high resolution version

DNP's booth will have a focus on versatility. Their most recent product launch, V390, will be on display. This versatile resin for Thermal Transfer Overprint (TTO) and near-edge printing allows you to create durable prints at high speeds and on many different substrates.
V390 is one of 5 products DNP has labelled as the most versatile Thermal Transfer Ribbons in their portfolio. The other 4 products are: V300, M255, M295HD 4.0 and TR4085+. At the Labelexpo will be shown how these 5 products enable you to complete the vast majority of print jobs.
DNP experts will be on hand to explore how substrate, printer and ribbon can be matched to ensure you get the best possible print result for your application: resistant, durable and always scannable.   
DNP is ready for your challenge and will support you in delivering variable print excellence!

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