04 July 2023

DG press to introduce its new web offset press, the DG-AUXO

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DG press is an established manufacturer of hybrid web offset printing machines for labels and flexible packaging. Our hybrid web offset printing presses are among the most environmentally friendly solutions in the printing industry. At Labelexpo Europe 2023, DG press will introduce the latest generation of high-tech web offset press which is equipped with sleeve technology, called DG-AUXO. 
The DG-AUXO is developed by DG press’ engineering team with over 20 years of experience. And the DG-AUXO is the most versatile web offset press on the market today. This third-generation high-tech web offset press distinguishes itself from other variable-size web offset presses by its highly modular design and complete freedom of configuration, offering unparalleled versatility. 
High print quality, low pre-press costs, a quick time-to-market, and solventless inks make the DGAUXO, the ideal press to cope with smaller run lengths and higher sustainability demands in the flexible packaging market. A press-series perfectly suited for markets with little product standardization and a large variety of product sizes as is the case for labels and flexible packaging. The DG-AUXO is available in 3 widths: 520 mm, 900 mm, and 1085 mm and can operate at speeds up to 400 m/min. Where the smaller DG-AUXO 520 is ideally fit for security printing, the wider DG-AUXO 900 and DG-AUXO 1085 are specifically designed for flexible packaging printing and label printing. 
Visitors at Labelexpo Europe 2023 will learn that variable size, combined with the latest in servo drive technology and energy curing technology, make the DG-AUXO the best choice for label printing and flexible packaging production. To see the DG-AUXO in action, click here

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