11 July 2023

Decosystem presents their new Inspection Systems

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Labelexpo Europe 2023 will be the best occasion to show Decosystem’s inspection Systems/machines for the label market.
SENTINEL is Decosystem’s 100% inspection system for printing machines and rewinders.
Different versions (SILVER, PALLADIUM, GOLD and PLATINUM) to meet all the needs of the customers: With 100% print inspection control, colour control, 2D and 3D code reading and grading, variable data verification. 
SENTINEL WORKFLOW option will permit to link printing machine and rewinder flow to save waste and keep the production under control.
SCANDIFF2 proof software will allow you to match all pre-press problems. Discover the defect early in the work cycle will limit its impact on costs and sustainability.
MULTILABEL is a special machine for pharma labels equipped with automatic tension control, label/meter/diameter counter and Sentinel print inspection system.
The nip roll permits a perfect rewinding and speed management, automatic diameter calculation and excellent tension. Tension is controlled depending on the reel diameter.
The fully integrated Sentinel vision inspection system guarantee a final product without printing defect.
Multilabel is fully prepared to integrate a numbering inkjet system.
DECO_GPR (Global Production Report) is our software to keep under control your production DATA accessible wherever and whenever you want, from PC, Tablet or Mobile

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