27 June 2023

Cartes presents digital finishing technology

Click on image to download high resolution version

At Labelexpo Europe 2023, Cartes will present six special and unique configurations including:

GE363VJL: An innovative digital finishing technology, CARTES Jet DScreen (JDS) on the GEMINI platform, combined with a unique and exceptional laser die-cutting and converting system, which together creates a perfect mix for embellishing, finishing and die-cutting digitally printed labels.

GT360 series with Jet D-Screen (JDS) integrated with flexo, traditional high performance silk screen printing, high power hot stamping and semi rotary die cutting.

GT360 series, combining 7 units: Flexo, 3 silk screen printing units, 2 hot stamping and semi rotary die cutting with special devices as labels on labels and cut of window system.

GE362WL+TURRET rewinder: Superfast laser die-cutting machine in dual version, improved by automatic change of job with special and unique patented device ILC, that allows to cut dark material without leaving white edges and is able to remove white borders from dark labels.

GE361L: A more compact but at the same time effective configuration. An entry level laser die-cutting converting machine.

GE364VHWR: The first finishing technology equipped with hot stamping on the GEMINI platform, 2 flexo stations and a semi rotary die cutting unit.


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