25 July 2023

BST presents the BST TubeScan Eagle View

Click on image to download high resolution version

BST TubeScan Eagle View delivers 100% inspection plus 10x magnification in video inspection. The outstanding feature is an additional 5 megapixel camera to zoom in on any web section of 35 x 25 mm with a remarkable pixel resolution of 14 µm. This capability enables seamless visualization  of the dot screen, making it advantageous for monitoring the print register or RFID applications. The detail camera is traversing and can be positioned easily over the web using a touch screen. In addition, all TubeScan illumination options are available. For example, 100% inspection can be performed under white light,and the detail view can be illuminated with UV light.
Another highlight that BST will present in realistic packaging and label printing production environments will be the Dynamic Job Change. This innovative capability allows for printing multiple jobs on one roll. TubeScan automatically detects the new job and retrieves the corresponding master in real timewithout stopping the machine for inspection. HYBRID Software's prepress solutions can also be implemented here.
Other features demonstrated at Labelexpo include inspection of variable barcodes and alphanumerical strings, a new intuitive graphical user interface, improved settings for defect classification and defect tolerances, and the defect gallery with export of defect images.

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