12 June 2023

Berhalter presents Swiss Die-Cutter B4

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Berhalter presents the new Swiss Die-Cutter B4, an advanced machine designed for digital die-cutting applications. With a production speed of 500 strokes per minute, it offers maximum precision and efficiency. The B4 model features individually controlled die-cutting motion, allowing fine adjustments and customization based on specific requirements.
The Swiss Die-Cutter B4 provides versatility with it’s flexibly adjustable opening level of the punching tool, optimizing performance for different materials and desired outcomes. It incorporates digitally monitored penetration depth, ensuring consistent and accurate cuts throughout the production process. An innovative addition is the active foil guide, enhancing control and guidance for the foil, resulting in increased efficiency and precision.
Alongside the B4 model, Berhalter introduces their CUTcontrol technology, linking all production processes and providing key performance indicators for strategic production planning. Operators can access real-time data streams from the machine, accessories, and punching tools, optimizing workflows, identifying bottlenecks, and making informed decisions. 
In comparison, the Berhalter Swiss Die-Cutter B6 (launched in 2020) differs from the B4. The B6 model handles material rolls up to 600 mm wide, while the B4 accommodates rolls up to 430 mm wide. As the B6, the B4 delivers 500 strokes per minute and is an addition to Berhalter's product lineup. Despite these differences, both models offer individually controlled die-cutting motion, adjustable punching tool opening, digitally monitored penetration depth, and the active foil guide, showcasing Berhalter's commitment to precision, flexibility, and data-driven production planning.

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