29 August 2023

Beontag showcases portfolio of solutions with a strong emphasis on sustainable products

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Beontag, the global business enabler and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of self-adhesives and smart tags such as RFID and NFC will take part in Labelexpo Europe 2023, for the first time.

Beontag will showcase its complete portfolio of solutions, with a strong emphasis on sustainable products that positively impact the entire value chain. The company will showcase new technologies made from recycled materials, like PCR Coated Paper and Liner rPet.

They will also display Linerless labels, which require less raw material and contribute to a more sustainable chain. Additionally, Beontag will introduce ECO RFID TAG, which are crafted from paper and are responsible for less than half the CO2 per unit when compared to traditional PET tags.

Barbara Dunin, Beontag’s ESG, Marketing & Communications Director said: “At Beontag, we continuously invest in solutions that enable positive change across the entire value chain. We are pleased to showcase our expertise in sustainable products at Labelexpo Europe, reinforcing our commitment to the ESG agenda and our role as drivers of transformation.”

In 2022, Beontag experienced remarkable growth, expanding its operations from 13 companies to 17 companies in over 40 countries, positioning themselves as a truly global and borderless entity.

As a result, Beontag has emerged as an end-to-end provider of graphic and label materials as well as IoT (Internet of Things) solutions rooted in sustainable technologies.

Ricardo Lobo, CEO of Beontag commented: “Labelexpo Europe 2023 is another great opportunity to showcase Beontag’s diverse portfolio, including self-adhesives, RFID technology, and linerless labels in an important market for our company. We have recently grown our footprint in Europe and are now headquartered in Milan, so this feels like the right time for us to take this step.”

“I look forward to a busy and productive exhibition making new connections and re-connecting with customers, suppliers and friends, as we continue to grow our customer base in Europe and beyond.”


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