09 June 2023

Asahi Photoproducts introduces updated AWP™ water recycling unit

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Asahi Photoproducts will be introducing its updated AWPTM wastewater recycling unit for use with the AWPTM plate processing system. The Asahi Photoproducts water-washable AWPTM- DEW CleanPrint flexographic plates have been certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust.

In addition, to increase sustainability of its platemaking solutions even more, Asahi has developed this innovative water recycling system for the AWPTM plate processing equipment. The unit features proprietary filtering technology developed by Asahi Kasei that reduces wastewater by 75% and detergent usage by 40%.

In a 10-hour-per-day plate processing operation, the system can process plates of up to 38 sqm (410 sqft). This further increases sustainability in flexographic operations.

This filtering technology, under the brand Microza®, is Asahi Kasei’s hollow fiber membrane separation technology that delivers cutting-edge water treatment capability, as well as a wide range of uses in other industrial processes.

In the AWPTM wastewater recycling unit, this technology has been optimized to meet increasingly strict regulations on wastewater discharge. The filtering cartridge can be easily replaced, the replacement frequency depending on the customer’s volume and the small amount of treated wastewater can be collected by a contractor for disposal. The system will see its european debut at Labelexpo 2023.

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