10 July 2023

ARMOR-IIMAK unveils the inkanto Thermal Transfer ribbons

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ARMOR-IIMAK offers new exclusive features with its inkanto Thermal Transfer ribbons
The last thing you want when printing your labels is to face printing issues and get unanticipated costs. With Thermal Transfer printing, a clean printhead prevents many problems: Bad print quality, costly production downtime and costly printhead replacement.
Clean Start + cleaning wipe: the strong power duo
To enhance the Thermal Transfer experience of every ribbon user, Armor-iimak will display inkanto ribbons which come with 2 complementary printhead cleaning features to help users prolong their printhead’s life and avoid print problems.
  Clean Start®: a built-in ribbon feature that ensures regular printhead cleaning
  Cleaning wipe: a free wipe in every box for a deeper printhead clean-up.
Inkanto ribbons’ printhead cleaning features present a multitude of benefits for businesses of all sizes. It not only improves printer performance and extends hardware life, but also simplifies maintenance routines. All these factors contribute to improved operational efficiency, which is a key determinant of success in today’s competitive business landscape.
Inkanto cleaning features underscores ARMOR-IIMAK’s commitment to providing products that offer superior value with unique benefits: it elevates the printing tasks to a new level of efficiency and cost-savings.

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