31 May 2019

Applied Laser to introduce harmony laser

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Applied Laser Engineering (ALE) will be introducing its nano-second 500 watt harmony laser at Labelexpo Europe 2019.

This technology allows the end user to laser engrave metals, ceramics and polymerics all on a single laser engraving machine. This gives access to an abundance of application options including security, optical film, gravure, embossing, anilox, flexo, letterpress and applicator rolls, all engraved on a single machine, facilitated by the nano-second harmony laser technology.

Laser engraved functional topography describes a surface that has functionality provided by laser ablation. This functionality could be to hold ink, for flexo, gravure or anilox rollers, or to create a surface used for embossing or imprinting a substrate. Printed electronics, optical films, anti-microbial and low-friction surfaces are further examples of functional topography.

ALE has been involved in the development of functional topographic surfaces for more than 25 years. Its machinery is used in an extensive range of industries having the commonality of requiring laser engraved microstructures to provide value and function through topography.