25 August 2023

Apex International launch their patented GTT engraving

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Apex International will surprise attendees at Labelexpo Europe with a formidable lineup of technologies and products. Showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence, Apex introduces game-changing solutions designed to support the industry.
Our patented GTT engraving and the longstanding impact that has redefined the printing process are taking centre stage. GTT engraving has become an invaluable asset for printers worldwide, and we'll demonstrate how.
The highly anticipated Apex LIVE summits add to the excitement that brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and customers. This educational summit offers a realm where invaluable knowledge, insights, and networking opportunities abound, empowering professionals to stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.
Apex's commitment to innovation extends to the launch of the Embossing technology, a breakthrough that promises to redefine printing experiences. This cutting-edge solution unlocks creative possibilities with enhanced precision and versatility, enabling designers to captivate consumers with beautiful textures and raised effects.
Further revolutionizing the industry is Apex's latest offering in anilox technology: Conical Anilox. These anilox rolls are meticulously engineered and recognized for their outstanding performance in printing award-winning paper cups for renowned brands. These anilox rolls ensure impeccable print quality and optimal ink transfer, even on challenging substrates.

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