29 June 2023

Anytron unveils the ANY-PRESS

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Anytron unveils its latest breakthrough, the ANY-PRESS, at Labelexpo Europe 2023. This cutting-edge five-color dry toner press introduces a dual-functional design, offering digital printing capabilities for labels and flexible packaging. Powered by a robust 13-inch-wide LED engine, the ANY-PRESS guarantees exceptional durability. The event serves as an ideal platform to showcase the machine's remarkable features, including support for continuous label printing and laminating functions, while also assessing market feedback. With the launch of the ANY-PRESS, Anytron aims to cultivate a new market segment within the labeling and packaging industry, leveraging its advanced capabilities and versatile functionality.

Additionally, Anytron highlights the ANY-JET II, a remarkable integration of digital printing and laser die-cutting. The ANY-JET II offers digital printing, laminating, laser cutting, slitting, and matrix removal capabilities, all in a single and cost-effective machine. This state-of-the-art system empowers label converters to achieve unparalleled printing efficiency, seamlessly executing customized, short-run orders with remarkable speed and automation.


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